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Glass Ice Bong 5mm

Glass Ice Bong 5mm

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The Glass Ice Bong 5mm with Ice Lock is a high quality bong designed by Squadafum to offer a smooth and harm-reduced smoking experience to plant connoisseurs.

The bong is the ideal accessory for anyone looking for damage reduction when it comes to burning one, the water that goes into the base makes the first filtering of the smoke, causing the weed tar and other residues to be trapped there.

Its ice lock allows ice stones to be placed along the mouthpiece tube, this in addition to providing a more refreshing sensation when hitting, it also offers extra filtering for the smoke.

In addition to these advantages, the 5mm thickness of the borosilicate glass makes the bong even more resistant and robust, helping to make that perfect session. This model also has exclusive prints designed to enhance your design!

Measurement: 40cm high
Thickness: 5mm
Joint: Female 14mm
Material: Borosilicate glass
Weight: 780g

*All glass products are blown, customized piece by piece, this means that each product is unique and even though they are the same model as the photo, there may be variations in weight, size, shape or color.

Customer Reviews

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Este bong é perfeito para fumar com gela, tem muuuito espaço pro gelinho, estou gostando


Saudades desse lindo aqui :) Durou bastante !! Adorei o novo modelo !!

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