Squadafum is a Brazilian company operating in the tobacconist and headshop segment, offering more than 70 different products to the world market. In addition to all of Brazil, our artifacts are also officially distributed in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Spain, Portugal, Italy and England.

We produce several types of bongs , containers , pots, gourds, ashtrays, grinders , crushers, cigarette holders, cases , trays and pipes always focused on the high quality of the materials used and the well-being of our final consumer. We participate year after year in numerous fairs and events throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia in search of a fine tune between the cutting-edge technologies available around the world and the needs of the users of our utensils. Our main objective is to reduce the physical damage that smoke inhalation can cause to the human body, a purpose that guides the creation of our entire product line and will always be in our horizons of planning and action.

Squadafum is run by three people: Jarrão , commercial director, responsible for sales and marketing; Zaki , purchasing director, also active in product development and Júnior , our senior financial director. The three human pillars that give support and life to the corporation are represented in our logo by a triangle, a symbol of fluidity, from whose interior emanates a flame of fire, a sign of expansion, which in constant movement breaks through one of its walls, signaling an opening to innovations. Inside the flame there are two wavy lines that represent water, an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, symbol of life, in line with our goal of reducing damage by filtering and cooling the smoke with water. Vivacity, fluidity, expansion, constancy, innovation, security and stability are Squadafum characteristics present in our logo.


The street is our origin and our school. Still in the 80s, decades before we officially became a company, Squadafum spontaneously flourished on the streets of SP as a network of dozens of friends who unitedly shared practices and interests such as music, skateboarding, street art , the counterculture, cinema and the cannabis multiverse. We also shared fine values ​​and ideals such as loyalty, ethics, freedom, political activism and respect for human beings and nature. It was from the combination and development of these practices, interests and values ​​over almost 30 years that the brand Squadafum (an abbreviation for e SQUA drilha DA FUM aça) emerged in 2011. We always try to look back to our roots, maintaining our values ​​and constantly dialoguing with art and sport through incentives, sponsorships and collaborations, especially in the music, graffiti and skateboarding fields.


Created by three childhood friends who breathe their work with pleasure 24 hours a day and concentrate in themselves the expertise of decades as consumers and professionals in the field, Squadafum was marked by its pioneering spirit in introducing several new products to the Brazilian market and has become synonymous with innovation and the highest quality in everything it produces. If “the true leader does not have the need to lead, he is content to point the way”, as Henry Miller wrote, Squadafum intends to continue expanding and pointing out the paths in the means in which it presents itself so that the users of its products have increasingly unique, comfortable, safe and pleasurable experiences.