I am aware and agree that Squadafum does not deliver products to regions considered to be at risk . If my zip code falls within these regions, delivery of my order may not be made to the respective address, but rather to the post office closest to it.
In this case, I agree to, upon receiving notification from the Post Office, go to the agency indicated in the notification to collect the product(s).

    Attention: Under any circumstances, the delivery period comes into effect after confirmation of payment for your order and approval by the financial institution.

    Our deliveries are made between 8 am and 6 pm, from Monday to Saturday, throughout the country, by contracted carriers or by the Post Office. 

    We do not deliver on Sundays or on public holidays. We do not deliver to PO Boxes.

    We inform that the Finance Departments of the states of AC, AL, AP, AM, BA, CE, DF, ES, GO, MA, MT, MS, MG, PA, PB, PR, PE, PI, RJ, RN, RS , RO, RR, SC, SE and TO are operating under their own and differentiated rules for the interstate entry of goods, which may increase the delivery time by at least 10 (ten) business days due to random retention of orders by these bodies , a fact that is completely beyond our control.

    Important Tips;

  1. Pay attention to the product description and technical data sheet (color, size, etc.);
  2. Always keep the invoice received at the time of delivery (it is the guarantee for your product);
  3. Keep the product's original packaging, manuals, items and accessories that accompany your product in good condition. In case of exchange or return, these items will be inspected;
  4. Always check the order items at the time of delivery and the invoice.
  5. If there is any problem (damage, absence of an item or discrepancy between note and content), please contact our SAC
  6. It is necessary to have someone to receive your delivery, if not you, inform the person responsible how to proceed;
  7. Free Shipping Policy

    Shipping at no cost to you via the Pac dos Correios modality throughout the national territory for purchases from R$100.00.

    Eligibility for the benefit is confirmed in your cart during the purchase process. Shipping may be free, depending on conditions.

    Free shipping conditions:

    For some regions of Brazil we do not have the PAC option, so it will not be possible to choose the Free Shipping option.

    How do I track the delivery of my order?

    To check the delivery status of your order, click on the tracking link sent to you in the product dispatch confirmation email.

    You can also track the delivery by accessing the customer area in the store and clicking on Tracking in the My orders column .

    What is the delivery time for my order?

    The estimated delivery time is informed at the time of purchase.
    This period will begin after payment approval, which may vary depending on the payment method chosen.
    If you do not receive your order within the stated deadline, you can check the status of your order in Track your order.

    How do I view the delivery time for my region before placing the order?

    To calculate a delivery time, simply click on the chosen product, if applicable, select color and/or size and click " buy ".
    You will be directed to the shopping cart.
    Fill in the zip code in Consult the front price and delivery time . The estimated delivery time for the item will be calculated and displayed immediately, and may vary depending on the product and its specifications.

    Which carrier will deliver my order?

    We at Loja Virtual Squadafum work with the Post Office and several companies specializing in deliveries throughout Brazil.
    The choice of this company will depend on the delivery region and the items in the order.

    Can I change the delivery address for my order if the order has been completed?

    To guarantee the security and delivery time of your order, we do not change the delivery address provided at the time of purchase, if the order has already been completed.

    My product has not arrived yet!

    Before contacting our SAC, check all the possibilities described below:

    Delivery date: You can review the stipulated delivery time whenever you want, accessing our website in the “ My Orders ” menu, after logging in.

    Address details: Confirm the details provided for the delivery address by accessing our website in the “ My Orders ” menu, after logging in.

    Payment: Also check if your order was approved and if your payment has already been confirmed by the financial institution (bank or card operator).

    Attention: For payments made by credit card , the delivery time must be considered from the approval of the order and confirmation of payment. If there is a delay in this process, the delivery time must be revised proportionally, taking into account the approval time.
    For payments made by bank slip , the order is released upon confirmation of payment by the financial institution, which can be made within 3 (3) business days from the date of payment, as long as it is within the banks' opening hours.

    Absence of a receiver: Also check the status of your order to see if Squadafum has already made any delivery attempts. It is important to emphasize that the presence of a person is essential to check the products and receive them. Our carriers / Post Office make up to 3 (three) delivery attempts to the specified address and are instructed to leave a notice in the event of the absence of a recipient. If delivery is not made, your product will return to our Distribution Center and you will be notified.
    Remember that you will be informed via the email registered in your profile. Therefore, if you are unable to receive your purchase in person, leave a person in charge on this date and instruct them on how to proceed. If you live in a building or condominium, notify the doorman and also check that the person responsible for receiving the item has not refused the delivery.

    Other factors: a delivery may be delayed due to several factors such as those already mentioned above, such as delay in releasing the order by the credit card administrator, delay in confirming payment by the financial institution, discrepancy in the registration data provided and those analyzed, absence at the delivery location and refusal of receipt by third parties, natural phenomena and exogenous factors, among others. We at Squadafum have a team of highly trained professionals to instruct our customers, whenever necessary.


    In order to meet all your expectations and satisfy you, all our merchandise is carefully labeled and transported in specially prepared packaging, avoiding any damage.

    Danfe and electronic invoice

    The Electronic Invoice is a digital document, with legal validity recognized through the sender's digital signature, issued and stored electronically by the Ministry of Finance, which serves to document, for tax purposes, an operation of circulation of goods or provision of services.

    Danfe, Electronic Invoice Auxiliary Document, is the printed version of the Electronic Invoice, that is, the one that accompanies your product. It does not replace the Electronic Invoice, but contains the access key for it.

    To access this document, go to the Ministry of Finance website, click on Consultations, in the top menu, and then on Electronic Invoice.

    If you prefer, contact our SAC via our Chat
    SAC | Squadafum