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Squadafum: 3 Reasons that made silicone products a category reference

Silicone Bowls, Containers and Silicone Ashtrays from Squadafum have become a reference in the market due to their quality differences. Discover the main

Squadafum has been operating in the tobacconist and headshop segment for twelve years, with a catalog of more than 100 products that are officially distributed to more than 7 countries. In Brazil, the brand's silicone products — silicone bowls, containers and ashtrays — are popular among the cannabis community and are present in the kit of practically every stoner.

Proof of this is that, when typing “silicone gourd” in Mercado Livre, several advertisers appear who use the brand name to sell their products, “Squadafum gourd type”, as a category reference. But, after all, why were these products so successful? Below, we list the 3 main reasons:


Squadafum silicone products are made from platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone. This ensures non-stick surfaces so herbs and extractions can be stored and easily removed without leaving stuck residue.

Squadafum's silicone also preserves the plant's terpenes, some of the compounds responsible for the aroma and flavor of flowers and which interact in a unique way with receptors in our brain, which can exert therapeutic effects. Nobody wants to waste all these benefits, right?

Airtight and odor-proof

Silicone containers are airtight and non-porous, protecting your concentrates from harmful oxygen and light. By storing your extractions in an airtight silicone container, the flavor is preserved over time. In addition, odor protection ensures that your run is always fresh.

BPA free

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical compound that serves as raw material for the production of different types of plastics and is associated with several diseases, such as cancer. Just like using glass cigarette holders, avoiding silicones that can release harmful components in your smoke is also very important.

In addition to quality differences, Squadafum has gained prominence in the cannabis market due to its commitment to innovation and design. The brand is concerned with developing accessories that meet the growing needs of the community, and this is reflected in the variety of materials, sizes, colors and shapes of the products, providing personalization of the smoking experience.

Text: Bianca Rodrigues / @biancarodriguess

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