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Pleasure, Squadafum

Pleasure, Squadafum

It was still the 90s when Squadafum emerged, almost as a natural result of a group of friends who shared common interests, such as skateboarding, music, graffiti, counterculture and the elements that permeated the cannabis world.

It can be said, therefore, that the company is the result of a lifestyle.

And more than seeing a business, in times when no business associated with weed could be imagined, these friends sought to have in Brazil what they already saw happening abroad.

It wasn't about selling products, it was about a search for a national alternative. In the absence of this alternative, these friends decided to get their hands dirty - mixing Brazilian “do it yourself” with São Paulo rush.

A style of life so national, that it cannot be confused: there is no such thing as “squadafan”. The name is extracted from “eSQUAdrilha DA FUMaça”, so it reads in the most Brazilian way possible: Squadafum, in Portuguese.

To those who arrived recently, it may seem like a new brand, but it's been years breathing an entire culture, traveling the world and creating connections, so that today we are considered not only pioneers, but also a reference in Brazil.

Our quality seal is the certainty that we offer the reflection of our values.

Pleasure and you can paste!!!
Squadafum Smoking Culture ®

Text: Gustavo Tampa / @gustavotampa

Photo: Squadafum collection

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Avante Squadafum !

Cristiano Santos

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