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What is black ceiling (or low pressure) and how to avoid it?

January has arrived, and with it the promise of a new year and infinite possibilities. And for many of us that means one thing: enjoying the summer at the beach, waterfall, farm or any outdoor environment — the closer to nature we can get, the better!

Everyone enjoys smoking in the sun, but no one wants to be caught by the “black ceiling”. After all, do you know what this phenomenon means? We explain: in popular language, the black roof is basically the famous low pressure.

With heat, blood vessels dilate, causing blood to spread more throughout the body. This can cause a drop in blood pressure, resulting in that feeling of dizziness or weakness.

By following these tips, you can keep the breeze light and the pressure at the right level:

Shadow and fresh water

If it's very hot, avoid being in the strong sun. Look for a friendly shade, drink water and enjoy the breeze. Sun and ganja can be a powerful mix.

Empty stomach, never

Always be well fed! Especially if you enjoy an early morning breeze, don't forget to eat beforehand. A hearty breakfast can help keep your blood pressure up and the breeze calmer.

No rush to get up!

Avoid sudden changes in position. When you get up after burning one, do it slowly, without rushing. Give your body a chance to adjust.

It gave a black roof, what now?

The heat came on with force and, even if you follow all the tips correctly, it is possible for a black ceiling to happen. Don't despair: it happens to everyone, and it soon passes!

If you feel dizzy, do not force it. Lie down and wait for the blood to return to your head. Dehydration can worsen low blood pressure, so stay hydrated. Additionally, taking a sequence of deep breaths is also a good idea that can help normalize your blood pressure.

By following these tips, you will feel better. But if symptoms persist, it's time to consider seeking medical help. Don't hesitate to seek care, especially if you have a history of pressure problems.

Remember, the idea is to remain calm. Observe your body's signals and, if the pressure gives way, follow these tips and relax and it will soon return!

Text: Bianca Rodrigues / @biancarodriguess

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