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What is DAB? Understand the culture of extractions better!

What is the history of the extractions?

When we think of the history of cannabis, we must look to the history of peoples in Asia and the Middle East millennia ago. There are very old records of the presence and use of the plant in the daily lives of people in India, Morocco, among many others, but nothing that precisely marks the moment when its properties and benefits were discovered.

One of the main ways cannabis was consumed was hashish or charas . In Indian culture, charas was a kind of extraction made in the palm of the hand with the cannabis flower still alive. This movement causes the trichomes, which are oily, to accumulate there and begin to form a kind of concentrated mass of THC and terpenes.

Many scientists are still trying to discover the exact origin of cannabis and how it was consumed. Some believe that when humans started to develop farming skills, cannabis was one of the plants included in these crops and used for various purposes.

Currently, although there is still a prohibitionist scenario in most parts of the world, cannabis has gained a notable positive impact in recent years. This is because with the increase in decriminalization and legalization in some states and countries, the growth of the market and its profits ended up catching the attention of many entrepreneurs.

Extractions and Dabs: What do I need to know?

To enter the world of extractions and dabs, we first need to talk a little about what extractions are and their high concentration of cannabinoids, which must be used with great care and care!

Cannabis concentrates are available in different textures named as wax , shatter , live resin , bubble hash , rosin , kief, butter and etc. Each name matches the extraction technique used by the producer.

The first step is to extract the cannabinoids that are only present in the trichomes of cannabis, more specifically in the head of the trichome. Extraction techniques can be used with chemical solvents, such as butane and propane, or without solvents, with filter screens, water and ice.

Depending on the technique used and the skill of the producer, the extraction can reach around 50% to 90% of THC, while the flowers have around 15% to 25%. By placing this concentrate, free of vegetable matter, on a hot surface, it bubbles and creates a super powerful and very tasty steam.

To give your dabada (term used for the act of vaporizing extractions) you will first need to put together a suitable kit. Choose a smoking accessory of your choice (dab rig, dab bongs, e-nails, etc.), a glass dabber to handle the extraction and a blowtorch to heat the nail and prepare it for threshing.

What do I need to know before my first dash ? Let's talk now about something very important. Because the extracts are a THC concentrate, they automatically become very potent and can give new users a little trouble if they overdo it with the first few doses.

For people who have been using the herb for a longer time and are looking for a higher concentration of THC in small doses, this is one of the most interesting options that can be found on the legal cannabis market.

Just like using the dried herb, only in very small amounts, the extractions are also rich in terpenes, which enhance the flavor and aroma of the original plant, and can act as aromatherapy while you enjoy your drinks.

The important thing here is that you start little by little to understand your ideal dose and also know the origin of the extract that is being consumed. Find out the origin of your crema. A poorly made concentrate can be extremely harmful to health.

1, 2, 3 smoke!

Well, now that you know a little more about what extractions are, let's talk a little about how to give a bang safely! The most important thing here is to set the ideal temperature, as you don't want to have that hit that tastes like burnt popcorn or end up burning your throat! Appropriate temperatures for extractions are between 230ºC and 280ºC, so you don't end up losing any notes of terpenes or cannabinoids present in the extraction.

When using a premium Squadafum bong, the first step is to torch the nail or banger for 50 seconds. Then wait for about 1 minute and with the help of the glass dabber, you can put the desired amount of extraction to smoke. Using a carb cap helps airflow when hitting and not wasting any hits.

The nail with insert is one of the most recommended options. It works like the banger, but the difference is that it doesn't need to wait 50 seconds to put the crema, because inside it goes in a kind of cup (insert), where you put the extraction and then it fits inside the bangerv as soon as finish torching.

There is also the cold start technique, in which you first put the extraction in the banger and then gradually torch it until it starts to bubble, and then you hit it with the help of the carb cap. This is a strategy for those who are just starting out and don't want to lose any of their crema by learning to control the ideal temperature.

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