O Bong Rig Woody é o mais novo lançamento da marca com edição limitada - Squadafum

The Woody Bong Rig is the brand's newest limited edition release

Squadafum, a brand known for bringing innovation and technology to products in the tobacco industry in Brazil, expanded its line of bongs with a super launch: the Bong Rig Woody, exclusively for the consumption of extractions.

Woody Bong Rig

Squadafum's newest release arrived in a very limited edition of just 200 units, 10 of which were made available on the brand's website, while the rest are available for sale in the best tobacconists and head shops across Brazil.

Elevating the consumer experience is a non-negotiable commitment from Squadafum. Exclusive for extractions, the Bong Rig Woody is a piece full of originality, made from blown borosilicate glass, with an elegant wooden base and compact structure, which makes it easy to transport and store.

There are numerous advantages of consuming extractions through a bong and, among them, we can mention vaporization as an important harm reduction strategy, which eliminates potentially toxic substances generated in the combustion process. Furthermore, you consume your concentrate without the interference of the taste of the paper.

Types of extractions and their differences

As science advances, more and more different types of extractions emerge, each with its specific production process. Let’s get to know the most common ones on the Brazilian market for you to enjoy with your Woody Bong Rig:

Shatter: Extraction of BHO ( butane hash oil ) whose appearance and consistency resembles glass, hence the name “shatter”, which in English means “shatter”. Very popular due to its high concentration of THC — reaching 90% — which makes it a cost-effective option, as it is not necessary to consume large quantities to feel its effects.

Wax: Another famous BHO extraction, whose THC concentration can reach 80% and is also recommended for those who want to feel the effects quickly. The main difference to Shatter is the beeswax-like consistency and texture.

Rosin: Type of solvent-free extraction in which it is possible to reach 50% to 80% THC, and which has gained popularity because it is an easy and safe method to carry out at home.

Squadafum Accessories

In addition to bongs, Squadafum has a portfolio full of products for your dab session! Carb Cap, which softens the vapor and intensifies the flavor of the extraction, UV pot to store your crema without losing flavor and potency, the torch that guarantees the correct temperature when dabbing, among many others! Visit the website http://squadafum.com.br and find out more!

Text: Bianca Rodrigues / @biancarodriguess

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