Mila, The Hash Queen: Find out who this cannabis revolutionary is!

The cannabis world is full of strong and outstanding personalities, who have become icons by fighting for the decriminalization and legalization of the herb in different parts of the world. Here we are going to talk about Mila Jensen, a great forerunner of the cannabis extractions movement.

( Mila next to the first Pollinator in 95, made of white sheet metal.)

Today, September 14, Rio de Janeiro will launch the autobiography of Mila Jensen, the woman who revolutionized extract production technology and innovated the cannabis market. She will come exclusively to launch the Portuguese version of her book How I Became The Hash Queen .

If you've heard of Ice-O-Lator, or bubble hash as it's also known, you surely know that this is one of the most wonderful inventions in the cannabis world, and it's all thanks to this great woman who's coming to Brazil this week.

(Participating in a demonstration in favor of legalization.)

Our hash queen was born in Liverpool, England, but raised in the Netherlands. At the age of 20, the young and adventurous Mila started dating a doctor who studied the effects of cannabis extractions on the human body. And that was his first contact with the plant. Since then, she has used the herb both recreationally and therapeutically, helping her at various stages throughout her life.

At the age of 24 and with a few dollars in her pocket, Mila dropped everything and left for India, where she lived for many years and got to know different cultures and millenary hashish production techniques. When she returned to Amsterdam, 20 years after her departure, she gathered all her knowledge and adapted what she learned with other mechanisms to obtain ever purer extractions.

This was the beginning of the history of concentrates to give that “debada” (Dabada) that we love so much. Thank you Mila, for sharing your knowledge with the world! And be sure to purchase his book, to know this whole story in detail!

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Uma das maravilhas da Internet é estar boiando de bobeira e, inesperadamente, bater de cara com a história de uma pessoa que abre um mundo à nossa frente!
Serenidade, confiança, consciência absolutamente tranquila e combina perfeitamente a arte material do recreativo com a arte espiritual de pesquisar para o bem geral.
Não largo mais essa Mila!


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