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Expo Head Grow 2022: The biggest fair in the Brazilian cannabis market

This Saturday, June 6th, the sixth edition of Expo Head Grow took place in Itú, in the interior of São Paulo. The fair brought together more than 80 exhibitors and 6,000 visitors, who were able to take advantage of lectures, watch shows and meet a lot of nice people who really liked it!

The event has been held in Brazil since 2017 and is considered the largest cannabis event in the country. This year practically all players in the Brazilian market were present, which was very good for both end consumers and companies to work on the connection with the essence of the cannabis movement in the country.

“We were dammed for two years, without having shit and then the event came at the right time to get these people out of the cave. The crowd was thirsty for an event, it had been two and a half years since there had been one, so the stuff boomed, right, in my view this really helped to fill up and it was really cool bro”, says Jahrros, one of the founders of Squadafum.

In addition to meeting the brands, visitors were also able to enjoy an event full of culture and information. Throughout the day, it was possible to attend different lectures, which addressed subjects ranging from legislative issues to the production of extracts and health.

It was also possible to enjoy a lot of good music, from a monster crowd that spent the day stirring the crowd and to close the event with a golden key, the reggae of the beloved band Mato Seco. I think we can say that the lawn in front of the stage was one of the busiest places at the fair!

And even though it was an illegal issue, we had a totally legal fair. That's because in this case, we're just talking about the production of inputs and not the sale of the herb itself. But certainly a fair of this magnitude leaves us with a great deal of reflection on issues of legalization in Brazil.

Jahrros also tells us in an interview that, “we strongly believe that the economic side will be the second power for the legalization of marijuana in the country and this fair is living proof of that. The first force of legalization in the country is medicinal, because it is a health need and a public need. The second force for legalization is the market, it is the economy, it is how many jobs the fair generated, how much money it generated, how many taxes were paid.”

And you, do you think that legalization is getting closer or farther away?

Below are some records made during the fair.
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