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Brazil hosts the 1st edition of ExpoCannabis: Squadafum is in it!

The city of São Paulo will host ExpoCannabis on the 15th, 16th and 17th of September this year, the most important international event in the cannabis industry.

The fair, which has been held for 10 years in Uruguay - the first country in the world to legalize the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis - will arrive on Brazilian soil for the first time and bring together around 150 exhibitors and approximately 30 thousand people. , according to the expectations of the organizers.

An event that will feature major brands, shows, cultural exhibitions, conferences, lectures and workshops with businesspeople, doctors, politicians and other professionals, as well as regulatory agencies and national and international personalities.

Here in Brazil, which still faces current Brazilian legislation, the objective of the event is to inform and educate people about the different ways of using cannabis, exploring different areas of the Brazilian industry, which go far beyond recreational consumption.

According to the words of one of Squadafum's partners, Jarrão,
“We really believe that the economic side will be the second power for the legalization of marijuana in the country. The first strength of legalization in the country is medicinal, because it is a health need and a public need. The second force for legalization is the market, it’s the economy, it’s how many jobs the fair generated, how much money it generated, how many taxes were paid.”


Why ExpoCannabis in Brazil?

In a country with more than 215 million Brazilians, of which 66% are in favor of legalization, the cannabis market has been developing and attracting the attention of investors, businesspeople, curious people and enthusiasts.
Regulation of the medicinal use of cannabis in the country began in 2015, when Anvisa allowed the import of medicines derived from the plant for personal use with a medical prescription.

Several business models related to the plant have already been consolidated in the country and contribute to the positive impacts of this industry, but the potential of the marijuana market in the country is, in fact, much greater than what is witnessed today.

According to research carried out by Kaya Mind, a Brazilian company specializing in data and market intelligence in the cannabis segment, the market value of marijuana could reach a total of R$26 billion in the 4th year after regulation, including the plant's three uses ( medicinal, adult and industrial). Of this total, R$8 billion in taxes would be collected for the government, which would enable important investments in the areas of health, education, economy, technology and more.

Of course, we weren't going to stay out of this. We are taking Squadafum Smoking Solutions to the fair, the complete solution for those who like to smoke. A complete tuxedo store, located right at the entrance of the event, where you will be able to learn about our culture, discover and take home our products, learn more about the technologies and materials we use to make our lines, participate in activations, win giveaways and much more.

So, ready to participate in one of the biggest cannabis events in the world?

Come plant the future with us, see you then!


ExpoCannabis Brazil

When: 15th, 16th and 17th September, from 11am to 9pm

Where: São Paulo Expo • Rodovia dos Imigrantes, 1.5 km

Vila Água Funda, São Paulo.

Tickets from R$95

Find out more at

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Excelente evento! De forma terapêutica e medicinal funciona!

Ren Meira Lima

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