Conheça a trajetória da Farmacêutica, Ativista e Diretora da Associação Liamba - Squadafum

Discover the trajectory of the Pharmacist, Activist and Director of the Liamba Association

Leticia Ravelli lives in Arapiraca, in the state of Alagoas.

Trained as a Generalist Pharmacist with a Postgraduate Degree in Master's Pharmacy and Cannabis, she began working in the cannabis industry in 2019.

“Marijuana for me is my life, I live for it and for it. And that's why I'm an activist''

Letícia was diagnosed with severe anxiety, causing atopic symptoms, alopecia, binge eating and fibromyalgia.

He sought treatment, but found no solution, as he was prescribed the famous black stripe, causing side effects on his body.

At the end of his training, he learned about the medicinal use of the plant, deciding to do his postgraduate studies focused on cannabis-based medicines.

Because with studies, you can believe that cannabidiol medicine can cure many diseases, including their symptoms.

“Cannabis should be considered as the first option for treatments and not the last”

Studying marijuana, Letícia began to have a medicinal, political, cultural, religious understanding and understanding of the trafficking involving the plant. From then on, the pharmaceutical company began to pass on all this study and research information to people in their region, to get out of the bubble and be able to see the hidden hypocrisy and all the benefits that this plant provides.

“...there is no point focusing on saving lives on one hand, and forgetting the whole context that this plant also kills. And it's not the plant that kills, it's the prejudice through it''

In 2022, Letícia started the Liamba NGO association, which currently helps patients to go to appointments and get their medicine.

Let's strengthen the female movement and give a voice to those who are always silent!

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