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How was Expo Cannabis Brasil 2023?

& Expo Cannabis Brasil 2023

Expo Cannabis Brasil 2023: Squadafum Makes Presence
and Shine on Role

Expo Cannabis Brasil 2023 is already a name that echoes like music to the ears of green herb enthusiasts in Brazilian lands. The city of São Paulo, always vibrant and pulsating, once again opened its doors to this unforgettable event, which has become the definitive meeting point for all those who have a sincere love for cannabis. And, of course, Squadafum couldn't stay out of this party.

Squadafum: São Paulo in Style

Squadafum, known for its boldness and attitude, could not be missing from this celebration of cannabis culture. His stand, as expected, was a true visual and sensorial spectacle. Exclusive design, activations for the public and an Instagrammable space that was a true three-dimensional work of art.

Eduardo Bueno and His Super Class

But the icing on the Squadafum cake was the presence of the illustrious guest, Eduardo Bueno. With his expertise in cannabis history and culture, Edu left his mark on an audience eager for knowledge.

His talk was a true immersion into the world of cannabis, from its historical roots to its impact on contemporary culture. Edu not only brought facts and information, but also shared fascinating stories about how marijuana has played an essential role in the trajectory of humanity.

The Squadafum Stand: The Center of Activities

The Squadafum stand was more than a meeting point; it was a place of interaction and learning. Our team was there to answer all questions, provide accurate information about our products and, of course, share stories and laughs with everyone in attendance.

We show visitors how our products are made with passion and care. Our high-quality items not only reflect the city's culture, but also take the cannabis experience to a new level.

The Future of Squadafum

Expo Cannabis Brasil 2023 was, without a doubt, a great milestone for Squadafum.
But make no mistake, my friend, this is just the beginning. We will continue to innovate, represent with style and attitude, and promote a responsible and inclusive cannabis culture.

So, if you didn't get the chance to visit us at the Expo or simply want to continue this journey with us, stay tuned to our blog at there, you will find details about our products, and, of course, exciting updates about what's to come.

Squadafum thanks everyone who shared this unique experience with us at Expo Cannabis Brasil 2023. We look forward to what the future holds and, together, we will continue to write this story with style and attitude.

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